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Neonatal Isolette Stabilizer
"SST Stabilizer"

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When transporting infants under 72 hours old they often become subjected to harsh motion, rough roads or turbulent air, G forces which can often cause some long lasting complications including intraventricular hemorrhaging (IVH) also known as a brain bleeding.  These little ones are very fragile at this time in their life.  Special protection during transportation can prevent these potential serious health complications.

The SST Stabilizer is, so far, the only known pro-active motion reduction device of its' kind to limit the potentially damaging effects of vibration and motion shock to critical neonatal patients during transport.

We are developing motion control equipment specific to the needs of the neonatal transportation industry.  Numerous NICU care facilities have expressed the need to combat vibration and rapid motion changes that exist while the baby is being moved to other facilities.

Neonatal Isolette Stabilizer

Vibration Motion Control Equipment

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